Cancer Prevention Seminar

The prevalence of cancer in all ages is rising with alarming figures. We need to take action and realize that most forms of cancer is indeed preventable through better life style choices and that pro-active behavior is the best change we have to decrease our risk of this devastating disease. After completing the seminar you will have an extensive list of all potential carcinogens and what changes you can implement into your daily life style to avoid and exclude most of these toxins. You will also be equipped with ways to assist your body to strengthen your defense system and fight disease before it attacks!

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Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Seminar

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative irreversible form of dementia leading to initial symptoms of memory loss followed by loss of motoric functions. There are NO effective pharmaceutical options to treat, halt or reverse the symptoms of AD. Medical research is now focusing on life style and natural alternatives for prevention. The Alzheimer’s prevention seminar will provide you with a comprehensive prevention plan to minimize your risk and protect your brain for life.

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