Juicing – The 3-day regime to detoxify your body

Seminar Introduction

We are overfed but under nourished.

Our system and organs are over loaded with toxins from the environment as well as from unhealthy eating and drinking habits.

To sustain a healthy body and an effective metabolism we need optimal functioning of all our major organs including the liver, kidneys, digestive system and skin.

The liver specifically plays a crucial role in fat metabolism. Without a healthy, effective liver we cannot burn fat optimally and our bodies fat burning capacity slows down dramatically. Alcohol overuse and high fat and processed food remains a heavy burden on the liver. This detox regime is ideal after a time of over indulgent drinking and eating.

Juicing is ideal to cleanse these vital organs, and all that is needed is 3 dedicated days ingesting only juice made from vegetable and some fruits according to specific develop recipes for this purpose.

How This Seminar Will Equip You!

Learn which toxins to avoid by completing a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire identifying your specific exposure risk.

Gain maximum results from the detox plan through extra advise on involving all systems of detoxification for example implementing sauna bathing and skin exfoliation and other, during the 3 day regime.

Advise on proper supplementation for long term organ support will be discussed in detail and tailored to specific needs.

Seminar Overview

Potential gains from a 3-day detox regime may include:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased physical energy
  • Increased mental clarity and energy and feeling positive
  • Less fluid retention
  • Increased metabolism
  • Correction of vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Correcting of body pH – less body and joint aches and pains

Day 1 of 3 days regime:

  • 8am – Super Green Juice
  • 10am – Super Green Juice
  • 2pm – Super Red Juice
  • 5pm – Super Red juice
  • 7-8pm – Turbo express
  • Extra – Pure Green Super Juice

All recipes of juices will be provided and a demonstration on juicing techniques will put you off to the perfect start!

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